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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Cyrus Con Swag!

One of the best things about Cyruscon was all the cool "swag" we ended up having.

  • OK
, we only had two kinds of Swag:
  • Cake - In the picture. My sister made it after the Cyrus Con Logo. Chocolate and Vanella with GREAT icing!
  • Pins- For "Cyrus Con", made by Kyle which came out cool and had the "Djork" picture of me. Additionally they had the tag line for the Saturday game of "... but the giants looked smaller from far away!"
  • Still cool swag for our homegrown con. Gamers making for a great weekend. (Cause we couldn't go to Gen Con this year!)

    Oh... and we eventually did finish the cake. It took a few days.

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