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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

CyrusCon 2009

Cyrus Con 2009 ( 9/5 through 9/6) was my first "at home" con run at my house. I toyed will all sorts of low budget ways to host and run the convention, including having it at my housing development's community center. In the end, we erred on the side of caution and kept it small. 10 "attendees" plus me, all done at my house.
It was awesome and I think everyone should do something like this some day. On Saturday we plowed through Paizo's ROTRL #4: Fortress of the Stone Giants. The whole last 80% of the book in one day, with 10 PCs!

Then Saturday post midnight through Sunday evening was filled with multiplayer expansion versions of Inn of the Red Dragon & settlers of Cattan plus ample amounts of Fluxx. Sunday's game ended with a massive party (7 players left) battle against the one stray dragon that "got away" and was reeking havoc against a local town.

My Wife's bard almost died in that dragon battle. Glad I didn't end up on the couch.
(Picture: The Runelord's Giants knock a Monk down)

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