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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Town of Wolf's Ear (Pass 1)

Wolf's Ear
Large Conventional Town; AL N
GP Limit: 3,000
Population: 2,610
Government: Falling under Magnimar's sphere of influence, Wolf's ear enjoys the added protection of Magnimar's Military while paying little in the way of taxes to the big city. The town is overseen by the Mayor Gorcyn Tallows who consults with a unpaid 5 person council. The Mayor's election takes place every 6 years, however the council appointments made by a mayor are for life or until the council person's retirement.

Economy: Though the teachings of Erastil preach appreciation of the basics in life and self-sufficiency, Calistria's faith tends to favor excesses that require trade with other communities. Wolf's Ear has a health amount of gold and no one who is willing to work need worry about going without food or shelter.
Major Exports: Lumber from the outskirts of Churlwood, copper ore from the footshills of the Malgorian Mountains, handmade wicker or wooden furniture and a powerful whiskey called "Wolf's Bite"
Major Imports: Wolf's ear is always in the need of more livestock, as Churlwood bandits take a heavy toll on herds and flocks. Finished textiles are usually in high demand.
Legal: Wolf's ear follows the standard legal code of Magnimar, however it publicly posts the right to banish, imprison or execute any naturally shape-changing creatures that enter the town's borders.

Notable Locations:
Hunter's Arrow- A temple to Erastil Presided over by the half elven "Myrna the Calm", a priest that oversaw the pogrom against lycanthropes years ago and is a member of the town council.
The Wandering Stars- A shrine to Desna made up of large standing stones just outside on town than slowly move their way around the town in tune with the lunar cycle. No one ever sees the stones move and some say the stones can be used to chart the movement of the stars. Often a priest of Desna can be found here, but rarely is it the same priest.
The Hive- A temple to Calistria that bears no semblance to a hive at all. A Human named "Trin" has overseen the temple here for the past 2 years with little known about his life before then. He is best known for reinstating daybreak and dusk workship services for Calistia.

Authority Figures:
The current mayor, a chelaxian Gorcun Tallows has held the position for the past 9 years and is assumed to run unopposed for reelection next year. His Brother Duald, a former officer in the Magnimarian military, acts as sheriff and is in charge of both the defense of the town and law enforcement. Rumors persists that both were one-time adventurers who settled down in the town for a calmer lifestyle.

In addition to Myrna of Erastil's role as council member, the other 4 members are:
<<.... as yet unknown.>>

Should a council member die or retire while Gorcun in mayor, most believe he would nominate Trin of Calistria for the open spot.

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